Jordan H. Minyard, D.D.S.


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Our Fees:

We get quite a few calls from new patients wanting to know “how much a particular treatment may cost?"

While it is difficult to diagnose the details of the dental services you require over the phone, the following information will give you an approximate price range for some of the services we provide.

Note: Listed are the approximated fees for many of our services.  They are intended to give you an approximate cost for our services.  These fees will have to be adjusted from time to time as my costs increase.  Additional costs may be incurred, depending on the actual services provided.  For example, if the damage is more extensive than you anticipate, the fee will also be higher.  These estimates should help you to estimate what the approximate cost will be with no insurance.

Dr. Minyard is on many Dental Plans.  The best way to find out if we are in network with your insurance provider is for you to call your provider and ask them.   If we are not in network with your active dental insurance, just bring us the insurance fee schedule and we will honor your fees, just as if we were in network.